Fan Thinks LeBron James Is Really Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose hasnt played since like the first month of the season. So its no wonder that the bro who uses the Twitter handle @mouqeet_ forgot what he looked like. Yesterday he tweeted a picture of LeBron James and 3 very below average chicks (as you can tell by the look on LeBron’s face) with […]

A Song of Ice & Fire Action Figures

Games of Thrones is the best TV show going. So its no wonder that HBO would have some action figures based on the books A Song of Ice & Fire. The figures actually look pretty damn cool. They are hand painted, “battle damaged”, one of a kind wood cut figures. My favorite is the Ned […]

Thats What Russell Westbrook Gets

During last nights Thunder – Pacers game, Russell Westbrook must have been a bit frustrated and decided to block a shot way after the whistle was blown. One of the Pacers saw this and grabbed the blocked shot and put up another shot. Russell Westbrook being Russell Westbrook tried to block the shot again… and […]

Stephen Colbert To Take Over For David Letterman

Stephen Colbert has officially been announced as the heir apparent for The Late Show and replace David Letterman as host. David Letterman announced he is retiring earlier this week, which I think its pretty odd that CBS found a replacement for him that quick considering Letterman’s last show is sometime next year. I for one […]