Robert Garcia Goes Off On Floyd Mayweather

The Mayweather vs Maidana “Mayhem” press tour closed out yesterday in L.A. with Maidana’s trainer and former world champion in his own right, Robert Garcia bringing the heat. He took the mic and started to roast Floyd on his kids, girlfriends and bodyguards. He even called Floyd’s bluff on a bet that Floyd himself offered. […]

Kicking Each Other’s Ass for 110 Rounds

Women often say that men are dumb and that they do dumb things. I disagree with them, for the most part. Sometimes though, I have to agree with them.  In the category of macho/dumb things that only men would do, here’s a good story for you: Go back many years to April 6, 1893. Two boxer […]

10 Worst Fast Food Restaurants

We here at the ReposDelight are fast food aficionados. We have fast foods for lunch just about every day. But has a list of the worst fast food restaurants in America and thank goodness Wendy’s, our favorite is not on this list. Otherwise we’d ban it in a heart beat. What I find strange […]