The Interview: So America Is Afraid of North Korea?

Isnt America “land of the free and home of the brave”? Then why in the hell is Sony pussying out and cancelling the December 25th release date for Seth Rogan and James Franco’s The Interview? Thats some we’re afraid of North Korea type of shit. So North Koreans threatened terrorist attacks on the movie theaters […]

Who Said White Girls Cant Twerk

I dont say that White girls cant twerk. What I do say is White girls with no booty shouldnt twerk. Theres a difference. This White girl on the other hand is doing it wrong. She needs to be standing while shaking her booty, which by the way is spectacular.

Cut Cutler Or Cut Your Wrists!

Look man, the picture above says what just about every Bears fan in Chicago is thinking “Cut Him Or Cut Your Wrists”. The Bears were not supposed to be bad this year, they were supposed to contend for not just a divisional title but for the Super Bowl. The offense set all kinds of records […]

Bills and Packers Fan Brawl On Live TV

Who doesn’t enjoy a good’ol, drunken, fist fight between two middle-aged men on live TV? Thats what happened when the news cameras were rolling after the Bills beat the Packers in the parking lot. My guess is that the news crew was there to get fan reaction after the Bills beat the Pack.

Lions Fan Busts A Cheating Girlfriend

During the Thanksgiving Lions game, a fan got up to use the bathroom leaving his pregnant behind (yes, she is prego). She began texting another dude named “Jason” about how much she wished they were spending the day together and some other explicit stuff. Well, the bro’s who were sitting behind the slutty prego noticed […]

Jon Lester Is Getting Paid!

If you havent heard, former A’s pitcher Jon Lester has signed a 6-year, $155 million deal with the Chicago Cubs AKA “The Lovable Losers”. But why the Cubs? They havent won the World Series in 106 seasons. I’ll tell you why: because if you win a World Series in Chicago, with the Cubs, you’ll forever […]

John Cena Heel Turn Coming? Here’s Why…

John Cena is the golden boy of WWE programming. For the last 10 years, Vince McMahon and the gang have been cramming the “Doctor of Thuganomics” down the throats of every wrestling fan young and old to the tune of 15 world title reigns, countless pay per view main events, and merchandising galore. He is […]