Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Sex Position Is…

Kim Kardashian gave an interview to Love Magazine (never heard of it) where she shocked no one when she was asked what was her favorite sex position. Doggy-style. No shock there right? Considering that her booty is pretty damn big and lets be real, you’d wanna hit that doggy too. But one thing that Kim […]

Watch Marlon Wayans As Richard Pryor

Below is a screen test of Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor for an upcoming biopic. Marlon, believe it or not does a damn good job as the comedy great. The role eventually went to Mike Epps. The movie is being produced by Oprah and is directed by Lee Daniels. The name of the movie is […]

The Best of Derrick Rose… On The Bench

Yes this is a dig at the fact that Bulls star Derrick Rose got hurt yet again. Honestly, it just might be time for the Bulls to consider finding a sucker to take Rose and the 40-something million left on his contract. He just cant stay healthy. The Bulls should pay Jimmy Butler and start […]

ESPN Cant Be Serious About LeBron vs Spurs

Duke vs North Carolina is happening tonight on ESPN and yes its one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. But this morning ESPN put this graphic up today that included some of the the best rivals in sports and they included LeBron James vs the Spurs. C’mon bruh. ESPN cant sit there and […]

Abigail Ratchford Is Wrecking My Marriage

Dear Abi, I cant continue to follow you on Instagram even though I’ve told every man, woman and child with an Instagram account to follow you. The reason is that I look at you on Instagram then look at my wife and unfortunately for me your face, boobs and booty are wrecking my marriage. Do […]