Dump Heard ‘Round the World

Sometimes you gotta take a dump…other times you want to make the Repos dump! Check out some of the latest and greatest from the our friends on the web… Ready for some football? Why Married Women Weigh More -> bitsandpieces.us Turd Ferguson Lives! -> official turd ferguson blog tumblr Today’s Awesome Pictures -> todaysbighit.com Top […]

Official Deadpool Movie Trailer [HD]

Deadpool, coming soon to a theatre near you. Stop watching porn and watch the trailer below! Marvel has hit the movies in force since being acquired by Disney, taking past-their-prime franchises (I’m looking at you Hulk and The Avengers], as well as some obsure (Antman? Really???) and turning them into cash cows. Fun, safe, kinda […]

ReposDelight Predicts The NBA Finals

I try not to bet unless its a sure fire fact that Im going to win and win big. But predicting this years NBA Finals is no easy task. And the reasons are simple: 1) You just dont bet against LeBron James and 2) You just dont bet against Steph Curry.

ReposDelight Predicts The NHL Finals

We’re not that big on hockey here except when the LA Kings PR department emails videos of their ice babes and when our Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals. And tonight they begin their quest for a third cup in six years. So with that being said, here is our NHL Stanley Cup prediction…