Summer Rae Behind The Scenes of The Marine 4

WWE Diva Summer Rae is staring in the 4th installment of The Marine. She just finished shooting in Vancouver and documented her experience via her Instagram (which if you’re following her on there you’re missing out). We here at the Repos office are excited for Summer Rae or as we know her, Danielle because she […]

The Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

TMZ reported that James Hellwig better known as the WWE legend Ultimate Warrior passes away yesterday. According to the report he was walking to his car outside of an Arizona hotel and collapsed in front of his wife. He was taken to the hospital shortly after where he was pronounce dead.

WWE Diva Summer Rae Is Killing Instagram

Summer Rae (who I know as Danielle Moinet the sweetheart who I interviewed a couple of years back and who would take the time to do weekly NFL picks for me when I owned TurdFergusonBlog) is killing Instagram with the pics she is posting. If you’re not following Summer Rae on Instagram, then you dont […]