Thats What Russell Westbrook Gets

During last nights Thunder – Pacers game, Russell Westbrook must have been a bit frustrated and decided to block a shot way after the whistle was blown. One of the Pacers saw this and grabbed the blocked shot and put up another shot. Russell Westbrook being Russell Westbrook tried to block the shot again… and […]

Stephen Colbert To Take Over For David Letterman

Stephen Colbert has officially been announced as the heir apparent for The Late Show and replace David Letterman as host. David Letterman announced he is retiring earlier this week, which I think its pretty odd that CBS found a replacement for him that quick considering Letterman’s last show is sometime next year. I for one […]

The Reds Billy Hamilton Is Fast

The Reds rookie Billy Hamilton is fast. And that very well may be an understatement. Baseball hasnt seen a guy this fast since the days of Vince Coleman. During yesterdays game between the Reds and Cardinals, Hamilton tagged up and scored from third. Not a big deal right? That is until I tell you that […]

A Mirror That Takes A Selfie For You

I found this on Mashable this morning. A company is testing a mirror that takes a selfie for you and posts it to your social media accounts. Theres a 50-second video for this “Selfie” mirror below. After watching the video I immediately thought to myself, “this video makes me wanna look at some hot chicks […]

Team MMA Is A Real Thing

This is a 4 minutes video of the Fight 1 of the TFC Event 1 LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden). Growing up I used to see these types of MMA team fights all the time except that we used to call them rumbles. I really hope this catches on because seeing all of […]

LeBron James Gets His Dunk Blocked

Did you know that Mason Plumlee plays for the Brooklyn Nets? I sure as hell didnt. During last nights Heat/Nets game LeBron James went up for a game winning dunk and got blocked by, you guessed it, Mason Plumlee. Of course LeBron and every Heat fan looked for a foul but if you watch the […]