Camera Man Falls In Love With Miami Heat Fan

I didnt watch the Heat game because they were playing the Bobcats and the Bobcats suck. (According to ESPN they are shocked the Heat are winning the series) But the camera man saw this hot Latina and kept his eye on her. She also notices too because she gave him a sexy little wink at […]

A Mirror That Takes A Selfie For You

I found this on Mashable this morning. A company is testing a mirror that takes a selfie for you and posts it to your social media accounts. Theres a 50-second video for this “Selfie” mirror below. After watching the video I immediately thought to myself, “this video makes me wanna look at some hot chicks […]

Paulina Gretzky Pics From Golf Digest

Personally, Im not a fan of Paulina Gretzky. Big shock, right? I just dont think she is all that hot. Yes, he has a nice rack. But what happened to her ass? And to be brutally honest, what happened to her face? She looks waaaay to much like her father Wayne. But hey, to each […]

ReposDelight After Dark With Megan Retzlaff

Megan Retzlaff is an American model and just about every bro on Twitter #WCW, like every week! The Minnesota native is 5’8″ with the perfect measurements of 34″, 25″, 36″. And oh by the way, she’s a D cup. Megan is also a huge fan of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild and MLB’s Twins, so she […]