Rosie Jones Loves Dogs

If I ever wished I was an animal I’d wish I was one of these dogs that my favorite model Rosie Jones is hanging out with. She loves dogs, I’ve known this for a long time because her Twitter and Instagram say so.

Happy Birthday To Mila Doll

I follow Mila Doll on Twitter because, well… shes one of if not the baddest Latina walking the planet. Today is her birthday so we should all celebrate with a gallery of Mila and a piece of cake, which she’s got plenty of.

Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Sex Position Is…

Kim Kardashian gave an interview to Love Magazine (never heard of it) where she shocked no one when she was asked what was her favorite sex position. Doggy-style. No shock there right? Considering that her booty is pretty damn big and lets be real, you’d wanna hit that doggy too. But one thing that Kim […]