Yankees Re-create Iconic ‘Sandlot’ Scene

obviously the New York Yankees PR department is hard at work trying to shun that “Evil Empire” tag they’ve carried with them since the beginning of time be releasing this pretty cool video of some players re-creating the iconic “But it was signed by Babe Ruth!” Sandlot scene.

Derek Jeter Is Disgusted

Derek Jeter and his girlfriend Hanna Davis attended some Sumo Wrestling event for some odd reason and when Jeets saw the shape this Sumo wrestler was in, his face said it all. Check out the look Jeter is giving the wrestler as he walked past the former great Yankees shortstop.

Heres Our Final four Picks

So we didnt get a chance to fill out a bracket… we’ve been trying to get in touch with some smokeshows to be our official NCAA bracket babe but no one was up for it. But we still can tell you who we think will get to the Final Four.