The Rock Is Starring In New HBO Series

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be starring in a new HBO series called Ballers. From what I gather, The Rock plays a retired football player who becomes an agent for the flashiest players in the league. Looks like it could be cool and Im sure it’ll attract WWE fans and “bros”.

Rosie Jones Loves Dogs

If I ever wished I was an animal I’d wish I was one of these dogs that my favorite model Rosie Jones is hanging out with. She loves dogs, I’ve known this for a long time because her Twitter and Instagram say so.

Aaron Hernandez Told Jury “You’re Wrong”

Really Aaron? You really think the jury got it wrong? Well thats what he told the jury after they found him guilty on 1st degree murder charges. And the way I look at it even though the prosecution didnt have a murder weapon, where theres smoke theres fire and theres plenty of smoke surrounding Aaron […]