Text Book Definition of Epic Failure!

This is why Portuguese is NOT known as a World Power. I’ve seen plastic planes from a kids meal or from the dollar store fly further than this drone did. Next time the Portuguese Navy wants to bring in the media to “show off” their new toy, they might want to test it out first. […]

Eric The Midget Wants Lindsay Lohan

If you’re a Howard Stern listener you know Eric the Midget and you either love him or hate him. I am a Stern listener and I love Eric the Midget. He is a wheelchair-bound, curse-word yelling, arrogant asshole. Eric’s height has been cited at between 3 ft 0 in and 3 ft 5 in, which […]

Top 5 Obscure Teams Drake Is A Fan Of

Yesterday the worlds biggest wagonneer, Drake was sported cheering on his new favorite team the Toronto Raptors. Yes I know Drake fan, he’s Canadian and he more than likely grew up loving “his” Raptors. But that was the first Raptors game he was spotted at all year. And that doesnt stop him from jumping on […]